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Nice pile of rocks

Hey, I'd shoot ya.

Lieutenant Harding Welsh, Chicago PD
30 March
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"Oh no-no-no, it's much more than that. Thirty-two horses and riders moving as one, perfect harmony between man and beast. A kaleidoscope of manes and tails and battle lances criss-crossing in a collage of synchronous movement. Takes your breath away...

Hey! I was a child! It haunted me."

I'm the Lieutenant at the 27th District, Violent Crimes section of the Chicago PD. I have a number of so-called detectives working under me and on a good day, they actually manage to solve some cases.


Name: Harding Welsh
Fandom: Due South
Sergeant Lt harding Welsh is a fictional character from the Canadian television series Due South, owned by Alliance Atlantis et al. This character's journal has been created for role playing. I don't own Welsh and am not affiliated with the lucky people who do own him. I am in no way affiliated with Beau Starr, unfortunately. Welsh is willing to RP so just holla.